Worried by this week’s network outages?

By Keith Edwards, TES Wireless’ MD

Recent broadband outages have once again shown that reliance on public third party networks for business communications represents a risk.

Losing your broadband connection halfway through a working day not only costs your company in lost productivity but also isolates you from your clients. Most businesses are heavily, if not totally reliant on emails, internet access and cloud based server networks. This telecommunication strategy can cost your dearly.

TES have a means to mitigate the high risks associated with a total reliance on external network providers. TES are a one-stop-shop for dedicated wireless broadband links. Your business will own and operate the link between your operations, giving you full control and significantly increased resilience. Remember, no utility business can accidentally dig this link up causing an outage, you own the router that can be replaced within minutes, and the link has a full maintenance package from TES meaning you know when it will be restored to service, in the highly unlikely event of a loss.

The really great news is that costs are significantly less than your leased line.

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