By TES Chairman, Steve Bowling

IN RECENT times, we’ve seen a proliferation of portable communications devices and with each passing year they have become significantly more sophisticated.
Yet, people who cited developments such as Smart-phones or VoIP as a basis for the imminent demise of two-way radio, may have spoken too soon.
The fact remains that two-way radios still offer massive benefits for business communications – and those benefits are being enhanced with the introduction of digital radios and integration with other systems and applications. The most appropriate tool for any job will always be determined by how well it meets the user’s requirements – such as ease of use, safety and efficiency.
So it’s clearly not a coincidence that when it comes to mission-critical communications, the Police, Fire and Ambulance services – not to mention the huge passenger transport networks that we supply – all use radio communications!
So in a nut-shell, here’s why:-

  • Affordability: Using radio will enable your organisation to determine a budget and stick to it, as there are no call charges when you use your radios. So, whilst there an initial (budgeted) capex to purchase your system, you’ll enjoy minimal running costs. In some instances, business could actually make massive savings by adopting radio communications – such as a point to point radio-based data link, instead of a traditional telephony service like a leased line.
  • Always-on: You can make calls when you need to – you’ll never experience the dreaded “no signal” or dropped calls associated with mobile phones. You’ll also own the system, rather than having to deal with the generic service offered by a network, you could have a bespoke radio system, designed to give comprehensive coverage.
  • Radio systems have the capability of battery or generator backup, and therefore continue to function even under wide area mains power disruption. Also, in times of civil emergency, mobile networks can be switched off – but you can rest assured that your radio system will be “always-on”!
  • Instant communication: No waiting for a dial tone, no keying in of long phone numbers, or thumbing through a contacts list. With your two-way radio, you press the talk button and start talking – enhancing both productivity and safety.
  • Different call types: This allows you to message exactly who you want to – either private calls to an individual, calls to a defined group (like security or maintenance), or all-call to everyone with a radio. Additionally, caller ID means you can see who’s contacting you before you answer. Also, you can even terminate someone else’s call to make a higher priority call, such as in an emergency.

Advanced functionality: some radio systems and devices now offer value-added features, such as texting, job-ticket management and GPS tracking to further enhance worker effectiveness and safety.
Besides these benefits offered by radio systems generally, TES can offer you a wealth of experience, as we’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest brands on design and implementation of business critical radio solutions.
So why not give us a call? Our expertise means we can almost certainly help you overcome your communications challenge.

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