Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials

TES recognised by Cyber Essentials

The Cyber Essentials seal of approval!

Thanks to APMG Cyber Security, we are proud to have been awarded the Certificate of Assurance for Cyber Essentials Scheme, which is in addition to our ISO9001/18001/14001 certifications.

Our MD Keith Edwards said: “This certificate demonstrates that we take steps to ensure our own and others cyber security.

“It’s great to be recognised in this way and we hope this enhances the confidence that our clients and prospects have in our processes.”

Cyber Essentials is a government endorsed certification scheme, which allows organisations to bid for government contracts. There has been a significant increase in organisations making Cyber Essentials mandatory for their supply chain, especially for government sectors such as the Ministry Of Defence (MOD) or the Nuclear Decommissioning authority (NDA).

By displaying the certification badge on our website, we are demonstrating that TES Radio has met government standards to ensure measures in place for keeping client information secure.

When the new GDPR rules reach the UK, organisations can be fined 4% of their annual global turnover by the EU if they suffer from a breach. The cyber space climate is such that instances of cyber security breaches are becoming increasingly frequent.

Cyber Essentials allows TES Radio to address the need for government and wider industry to ensure that their partners and suppliers are implementing a standard level of cyber security. Our Cyber Essentials Certification will enhance confidence in TES Radio – and will provide evidence to our stakeholders, customers and prospects that assets and data managed by TES Radio are resilient against cyber threats.

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