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TES have deployed a trunked radio system in an Intrinsically Safe site (requiring ATEX) at Astra Zeneca. The system comprises multi channel radio system infrastructure and provides communications for maintenance & security teams and safety control during emergency situations at its Macclesfield site.


During the recent expansion and redevelopment of the site, a new state of the art laboratory was built. However, the location and the materials used in the construction of the building meant that the signal strength from the existing radio system could not provide adequate signal inside the new building. Full Radio coverage is a necessity for both daily operational use and especially important in the event of an emergency situation.

TES initially conducted an RF survey to determine the extent of the problem, and were able to recommend the most appropriate solution to guarantee an improvement to the current radio coverage.

The solution involved the supply and installation of a cell enhancer linked to the master radio system via the fibre network infrastructure. From the cell enhancer, a low loss RF cable was routed throughout the building to areas of poor coverage identified during site survey. A discreet antenna was then presented from the RF cable at specific locations. The solution provides adequate signal within the new laboratory and will not cause interference with the main radio system.

The project was delivered seamlessly by TES’s team of qualified project managers and engineering resources, ensuring that the customer was kept fully informed and any potential disruption to the running of day to day business in a critical environment mitigated.

Following installation radio coverage within the building improved significantly providing clear communications throughout the whole site. Astra Zeneca is able to utilise the equipment for daily tasks and the on-site emergency team is confident that in the case of an emergency, all personnel can retain full communication capability.

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