Briarwood School is a large Special Needs School for young people with a range of learning difficulties, covering five departments across three sites. The school delivers on its vision to be a place where children are able to “Enjoy, Engage and Learn”.  A key element of building the best learning environment in a school with high levels of medical and behaviour needs, is to ensure that communication in challenging situations is efficient and streamlined. This has been made possible at Briarwood with the help of TES.

"Briarwood School is located over five departments across three sites. We teach children with Severe Learning Disabilities, some of whom are unaware of their own and others’ safety needs. Our staff are often managing incidents involving high levels of medical and behaviour issues. We have developed an approach that allows class teams to be able to contact a “Response Team” if they need extra support, to ensure that children’s safety and well being is paramount. This provides significant challenges in terms of communication across such a complex set of buildings. "

TES were approached by Briarwood to install a solution that would help them communicate incidents in the classroom or whilst they were outside school with the children on trips.

Conventional lines of communication has its limitations, so TES Communication Solutions came up with an innovative solution, which provided alarm raising and tracking capability in the school and to replicate this whilst outside school boundaries.

The Zonith Alarm solution was identified as the perfect solution. Once installed, members of staff have been issued with an I.D. holder, holding a standard ID badge or Access control card.

Bluetooth receivers placed in each classroom and in communal areas are able to track each badge around the school. When a badge alarm button is activated, the wearer’s location is pin pointed on a PC based, pre-loaded floor plan, allowing support to be provided immediately.

When used in conjunction with Digital radio system (manufacturer dependant) the alarm can also be sent as a text message and audible notification, to the radio(s), to provide additional alerting.

The Zonith alarm system is compatible with smartphones which allows the system to be used whilst out of the building. A live mapping facility can pin point the location of the Smartphone/badge to speed up assistance in case of emergency.

"Our previous alerting system was no longer fit for purpose - we needed a system that allowed us to respond quickly and efficiently to dynamic classroom situations across large sites. After detailed discussions with TES, we settled on a system that allowed for geographical tracking along with voice communication. The combination of handsets and Zonith alerts has enabled staff to ask for help and communicate with others across the school to ensure safety and wellbeing remains paramount. The “Response Team” can also provide and prioritise support by knowing exactly where the support is needed and communicating over the handsets in real time.."

In today’s world, it is common for education providers and organisations to have lockdown procedures to protect students and staff. This kind of solution aims to provide monitoring and protection, but when coupled with a radio system, communication quality is guaranteed when you may need it the most.

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